The Kochs

Charles & David Koch
The film examines the role of these publicity shy brothers who Forbes estimates to be the equal 5th richest persons in America with fortunes in excess of $20 billion.

Charles & David Koch

Koch Industries
Primarily an oil transportation and refining company, Koch Industries has expanded into ranching, coal, chemicals and a range of well known paper and fibre brands.

Koch Industries - Products

Koch Industries products

Free Market Missionaries
The Koch’s are believers of a radical form of “free market” capitalism that essentially seeks to replace government with private enterprise. In 1980 David Koch was Libertarian party’s the vice-presidential candidate.

1980 Libertarian policies

Funding Free Market Groups
To achieve their goal, the Koch’s and other wealthy families have funded a vast network of free market groups, known as the ‘Kochtopus’.


The 'Kochtopus'

Americans For Prosperity (AFP)
Koch funded AFP is a ‘grassroots’ citizens group (or ‘astroturf’ to opponents) that guided the Tea Party movement by equating “free markets” with freedom itself.

David Koch

AFP Chairman David Koch

Opposing Climate Legislation
This charge of ‘astroturfing’ was especially evident in AFP’s opposition to climate legislation that threatened the Koch’s oil profits.
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